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5 Amazing Ways Library Study Pods Are Being Used

Libraries are bustling places where people of all ages go to find resources, work on assignments, and learn new things. Though libraries are thought of as being oases of education and quietness, they are still active environments, and it can be difficult for some people to maintain focus and get work done.

In order to nurture a more productive space for everyone, some libraries have begun to introduce library study pods. They are modular, fully-customizable, and come in a variety of sizes, making them ideal for a variety of library uses.

Here are five ways that the library study pods trend is used:

1. To Create Quiet Zones Within the Library

Libraries have long been a place of quiet study and reflection. However, in recent years, they have had to adapt to the changing needs of their patrons. In particular, the rise of mobile devices and online media has made it more difficult for library users to focus on their studies.

To address this issue, many libraries are now using pods to make learning much easier. Pods are small, enclosed spaces that provide a distraction-free environment for students to work in. By creating quiet zones within the library, pods help patrons to focus on their studies and avoid distractions.

2. To Provide Meeting Space for Small Groups

Pods are capable of going above and beyond the needs of an individual to meet the needs of a collective. YOURspace pods, specifically, come in 8 standard base sizes, meaning our pods can be made for the individual wanting a quiet place to study or the small group desiring a private space to meet.

By providing meeting spaces for small groups, libraries are able to attract new patrons and provide them with the resources they need to be successful.

3. To Make Private Tutoring Possible

Pods are becoming an increasingly popular option for libraries looking to provide alternative tutoring services. In a public setting, pods allow students to receive one-on-one attention in a private, soundproof space.

This allows for a more intimate and personalized learning experience. With the ability to add dry erase boards, chalkboards, height-adjustable desks, and more to YOURspace pods, they can be customized to meet the specific needs of a variety of individuals.

4. To Facilitate Online Learning

With the rise of online and hybrid courses, libraries can use pods to provide spaces for students to participate in online learning courses. This can be particularly helpful for students who do not have a dedicated home office or who need a quiet place to focus.

In addition, pods can provide a sense of structure and routine that can be helpful for online learners. Oftentimes, they must be reserved in advance in order to be used, especially at libraries that have more patrons. Having to reserve a pod, helps online learners develop a schedule that can aid in the development of their time management skills similar to how a traditional class structure would.

5. To Create a Sense of Community For All

Libraries have always been a hub of activity and community, and that remains true in the era of social distancing and heightened health awareness. Many libraries are now using pods as a way to nurture that sense of community among all patrons. Pods provide spaces for students to meet and work together, while still maintaining a safe social distance. The worst of the pandemic may be behind us, but some people are still on guard, and the addition of pods in community hubs, like libraries, makes them much more inclusive and accommodating.

To some degree, it’s safe to say that many of us experienced some social withdrawal during the pandemic. As we continue to recover and emerge from that difficult time, it is important to find innovative ways to connect and reestablish social bonds in the safest ways possible. The use of pods in public spaces is one way we can achieve that goal.


YOURspace Library Study Pods Are Perfect for Enhancing Libraries

YOURspace pods are modular and fully customizable, so they can be adapted to fit the needs of any library. They also come in a variety of sizes, so they can be used in both large and small spaces. Additionally, they can be outfitted with a variety of features to make them even more versatile.

Although they are often used for studying and working, some libraries are also using pods for things like story time and other educational programs. There are plenty of ways to use study pods to improve the experience of visiting a library. Contact us to learn more about YOURspace library study pods.

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