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YOURspace pods work great together in clusters to help divide and define usable spaces for learning.

Allow learning to happen on your terms. Social learners can communicate knowing they are not a distraction to those who need more focus.

Give the librarian a break! The
sound-dampening benefit of YOURspace pods allows you to communicate while leaving the rest of a quiet environment in peace.

Any size, any room. Every space can benefit from a spot to call yours.

Even front-office folks need a respite now and then. Quick places to huddle means less time searching for a quiet corner.

Learning is sometimes social, but sometimes requires concentration. Lucky for you, YOURspace pods can provide both.

Create learning environments for K-12 and higher education students
that are cost effective, fast & easy, adaptable and sustainable.

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Study Spaces For K12 and Higher Education Students

You need to maximize study space and collaboration opportunities in academic buildings. Create focused learning environments for students of all ages.

K12 Education Pods

Traditional K12 classroom layouts often lack designated quiet spaces for individual study or small group discussions.

YOURspace study pods minimize distractions and promote concentration. Students use these pods for focused reading, test preparation, or small group collaboration without disruptions.

The soundproof pods provide:

Photo of YOURspace Privacy Pods within Indiana Tech's library. Photo is at an angled view.

These study pods were installed at the Indiana Tech Library. Students use the rooms for small group work, and faculty use them for meetings, interviews, and planning sessions.

University Study Pods

Universities and colleges need help in providing adequate study space for a growing student body. Traditional study areas like libraries can become overcrowded and noisy, hindering focused learning and collaboration.

YOURspace study pods are easily configured to create individual study nooks, collaborative project rooms, or quiet research spaces.

The modular pods provide:

Why Education Study Pods?

Education study pods facilitate the creation of dedicated, focused spaces. The realm of education spaces is one area where study pods enhance learning. Our pods offer students and educators alike the opportunity to create personalized, focused environments that elevate the learning experience. 

The DaVinci Schools in El Segundo, CA, for example, have adopted our pods to foster an enriched, STEM-based learning environment. These pods provide students with enclosed spaces to collaborate, develop findings, and compare results, complementing the open “sandbox” areas where they engage in hands-on robotics studies.

We are determined to remain a leading provider of modular, sound dampening pods by continually adapting to the ever-changing social landscape. Our focus remains on ensuring safety, comfort, and flexibility for all users across a variety of settings. 


Units are larger in size and features when compared to equally priced competitive units.

Easy Set-Up

Lightweight aluminum walls are easy to set-up and collapse day-to-day.

Sound Dampening

Wall and door technology offering up to four layers of material to stop unwanted noise.


Units have the largest and strongest, fully adjustable desk and shelf space. Fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.

office pod versatility

Custom Education Pods

Our customizable pods offer accessories and add-ons to make maximize your students’ learning experience.

Here at YOURspace, our pods can include:

YOURspace education pods transform any learning environment into a modern, flexible space that caters to diverse student needs and fosters focused learning. No more crowded classrooms and overflowing libraries.

Customize Every Detail

YOURspace, YOURway.

YOURspace Quick Ship options can be delivered in as little as 2-4 weeks from date of purchase.

YOURspace pods can be custom built to fit your exact needs. Contact us to learn more about our custom solutions.

YOURspace can help you get the layout you need in your academic space.

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Study Spaces

Read about how you can create learning environments.

YOURspace Education Fitouts FAQs

1.   How much do YOURspace pods cost?

Base units start at $5,800. Because all YOURspace products are fully customizable with a wide variety of industry-leading options, prices vary with the selection of sizes, premium materials, upgrades and accessories. 

Click here for custom options.

Interested in buying multiple units? Click here to explore possible quantity discounts and promotions.

2.   Are YOURspace products for purchase only or are Rent (up to 90 days) options available?

Yes, Rent (up to 90 days) options are available. To learn about the Rent (up to 90 days) option that best suits your needs, Rent (up to 90 days) contact us.

3.   How long before I receive my YOURspace order?

Quick ship pods usually arrive within 2-4 weeks of ordering. Highly custom and quantity orders can take longer, and our team will provide you with an estimated arrival in these instances.

4.   What options are available?

The YOURspace system is designed to offer maximum versatility and customization. Our proprietary design enables nearly limitless combinations of options to match anyone’s needs.  Options fall into the following categories:

  • Unit size
  • Panel finish
    • Exterior panel color / finish
    • Interior panel color / finish
    • Window panel (half panel or full, clear or frosted)
    • Magnetic white board
  • Door finish
  • Hardware finishes
  • Desk/shelving configuration
  • Accessories (monitor mounts, wall hooks)
  • And more…
5.   What kind of ventilation do YOURspace products provide?

Each pod is equipped with one or more exhaust fans (72 cfm) depending on the unit size and has the added benefit of a “floorless” design which allows for additional air ventilation.

6.   What is meant by “floorless” design and why does this matter?
YOURspace products are based on “floorless” construction, meaning the unit’s structural integrity is not dependent on a floor to hold the unit and walls together. Instead, the native floor on which you place the unit serves as the floor (though flooring options are available if so desired for aesthetic & acoustic effects). Here are the reasons this matters:
  • Because YOURspace products are based on our high quality and strong extrusion system, they don’t need floors for structural support like you see on other pods.
  • Our floorless system, coupled with the exhaust fan, helps provide ample airflow through the pod for maximum comfort.
  • Placing the pod over an existing vent helps cool or heat the pod if desired.
7.   Does the unit meet ADA (Americans with Disabilities) standards?

The interior of the smallest ADA compliant unit measures 36 square feet. From the point of wheeling through the door entry, the user then has an ample turning radius for a wheelchair user to position him/herself facing the mounted desk/shelf walls and/or any other direction within the unit.

As an added safety measure, we suggest bolting any ADA compliant unit to your existing floor.

8.   Speaking of interior space, is there room for a mini-fridge?

A small mini fridge will comfortably fit within the smallest standard sized pod. The larger footprints will certainly accommodate more than a standard mini fridge. Even better, our proprietary CONNECTsmart panel system enables convenient plug/power access so extra cables or extensions aren’t necessary.

9.   How difficult is it to put a YOURspace unit together?

YOURspace products have been designed with a DIY mindset. On average, it takes 2 people about two hours to assemble a standard pod. We supply a box of necessary tools, along with step-by-step set-up instructions so you have everything needed for easy installation.

If you prefer to have set-up assistance, we have an extensive network of installers across the country who would be happy to assist.  We will arrange this for you upon ordering.

10.   Can I take my YOURspace unit down or move it?

Absolutely! YOURspace products are meant to adapt to your ever-changing needs in whatever space best serves you.  The pods can be disassembled even quicker than they were put together.

11.   What if I want to change the look of my YOURspace office pod?

You can move, reconfigure and even replace panels with different finishes to blend with a new location or look, or to accommodate a new function. Tired of the current exterior? Contact us for replacement panels that you can simply and quickly change out yourself.  Want an extra shelf? Happy to send you another.  Want to make the entire unit bigger?  Our pods are easy to expand and contract. 

12.   What do I do if something gets damaged?

This is where our modular, proprietary system design really wins because virtually every component can be changed out and replaced. This means if a panel or handle gets damaged, we can send you a replacement that you can easily switch out.

13.   Does YOURspace use sustainable materials or processes?

At YOURspace we subscribe to the philosophy that great design and craftsmanship are the greenest solutions. Our unique system design is representative of this approach, particularly with its proprietary aluminum-based extrusion as the backbone of its modular design. The innate characteristics of aluminum (which is already made of recycled content), make it cost effective, easy to maintain, durable, and safe for the environment. Aluminum is also a great bet in terms of recyclability.

14.   How is my YOURspace pod shipped to me?

Depending on the base unit size, you will receive your pod via one or multiple “smart” packaged pallets. Each package is labeled per the installation sequence. You will also receive a shipping manifest prior to delivery outlining the number and sizes of each package along with the set-up instructions.

David Faust

David Faust

YOURspace Founder & Owner

David started his career in operations in various roles and industries, earning his Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma along the way. 

He has over fifteen years of experience as a consultant helping several businesses of different sizes, industries, and functions improve efficiency, quality, and delivery.  David was also general manager of Pretzels, Inc., a multi-million dollar snack food manufacturer. He helped lead the organization to record revenues and profits while maximizing the value of the business for a recent sale by ownership. 

David currently manages a portfolio of manufacturing, distribution and retail companies through Ro12 Enterprises, a private capital group he started in 2015. He has also been involved in several startups, personally founding three of them.  

David is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.  He and his wife live in Fort Wayne, IN, with their four children.