YOURspace Office Pod Features

Customizable Office Pod
YOURspace Office Pod Features 1

Perfect, Customizable Aesthetic

YOURspace office pods will fit right into your home or office with its clean modern design. Easily match any aesthetic with dozens of options and configurations.

  • With 8 different standard sizes, YOURspace pods are easily configurable. Up-size or down-size your unit as your environment or needs change.
  • Choose color and finish options for each interior and exterior wall panel to suit your taste.
  • Add windows to brighten up your office pod with natural light.
  • Equip pods with magnetic dry erase boards, height-adjustable desks, and other options to maximize comfort and productivity.
  • Easily swap out exterior or interior wall panels to change the look or function.
Customizable Office Pod

Ergonomic and Comfortable

Injury risk is up as many people do not have an optimal workspace at home. YOURspace premium office pods help minimize fatigue and improve posture.

  • Height-adjustable desks for sitting or standing are available.
  • Position over existing vents for instant air conditioning and heating.
  • Exhaust fans to help to make your pod comfortable with ample airflow for long days.
  • Dimmable LED lighting provides relief for eye strain.
Customizable Office Pod

Sound-Dampening Pods

Escape the chaos and distractions in your home or office; be more productive in your sound-dampened oasis.

  • Wall/door technology offers up to 4 layers of material to stop unwanted noise.
  • Say goodbye to interruptions during video conferencing.
Customizable Office Pod

Ethically Made

YOURspace pods are made in the USA and constructed with recycled material.

  • We proactively research materials and design our products with the environment in mind.
  • Our proprietary systems are made from recycled materials making them eco-friendly.
  • Our modular design means all parts are replaceable which reduces waste.


Height-Adjustable Desk

Working at a desk does not mean you should have to sit all day. 

Include an adjustable desk in your office pod that raises and lowers with the simple touch of a button.

Customizable Office Pod

Versatile for Home or Office

Use as an office, education center or a combination of both. Our pods come in a variety of sizes and can be expanded and contracted to meet your ever-changing needs.

  • Work From Home: We love our kids, pets and roommates but don’t love them interrupting our video or phone calls. Our office pods allow you to keep things organized and establish work-from-home routines.
  • Office: Apply YOURspace pods to your open office concept to allow employees a quiet, private space for interviews, training, calls or conversations. Configure for single usage or go larger with multiple desks for more individuals.
  • Education: Students and instructors are trying to learn and teach in less-than-ideal environments in the home. YOURspace pods provide a private space where teaching and learning can be focused, interactive, and productive.
  • Our pods are so versatile, you can make use of the exterior, as well as the interior. Put a 2nd desk on the outside of the pod or equip exterior walls with magnetic dry erase or chalkboards.
TheHUB pod installation

Easy Setup in Less than 2 Hours

Simple 2-person DIY assembly, so you’ll be ready to use in no time.

  • Only one tool needed, and we’ll supply it. 
  • Efficient packaging is numerically ordered to assist with installation.
  • With pre-wired ethernet, power outlets and USB ports, just plug into a wall outlet and YOUR pod is ready to equip with dual monitors, speakers, printers or other necessities.
  • Walls constructed of lightweight aluminum for ease of installation.
Customizable Office Pod

Accessible Pod Design

YOURspace pods are fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.

  • Because YOURspace products are based on our high quality and strong extrusion system, they don’t need floors for structural support like you see on other pods. Flooring is available upon request.
  • Wheelchair accessible with no ramp needed to enter since the office pod sits directly on the floor.
  • Full size entry/exit door
  • Adjustable-height desk and shelves
  • Wall-mounted desk with no legs, offering wide open clearance for legs and wheelchairs
  • Multiple unit sizes available
Customizable Office Pod

Collapsible Pods

The perfect solution for tight and unique spaces.

  • This collapsible unit allows you to convert any area to a productive environment and then back to its original state with ease.
  • The revolutionary design allows the partition-like pod to fold back on itself for storage.
  • All options that are available for the 4-sided pod are also available for this unit.
  • Can be expanded/extended to partition off more space

Features at a Glance

  • NSound Dampening Walls
  • NHalf or Full Windows
  • NSturdy Desk & Shelf
  • N High-Quality Door
  • NFloorless Design
  • NVentilated Ceiling
  • NOptional Adjustable Desk
  • NOptional Dry Erase Board
YOURspace Office Pod Features 2

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