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About YOURspace

Serving both the commercial and residential markets, YOURspace proudly designs and manufactures its entire line of highly customizable, eco-friendly, ADA-compliant office pods in the U.S.

What started as a pop-up work-from-home pod for the residential market has evolved into an array of highly customizable structural office solutions – pods, office booths, conference rooms, partitions — for commercial environments such as corporations, academic institutions, airports, hotels, and more.

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Work-From-Home Pods

YOURspace was founded in July 2021 when the COVID pandemic caused the WFH phenomenon to hit its peak, and working and schooling from home became the standard.  This experience challenged organizations and individuals to balance productivity, wellness, and practicality as they attempted to work in homes, apartments, schools, and organizations, often ill-equipped for privacy.

The need for a quiet, private, ergonomically comfortable, and functional space that could blend into any aesthetic drove the development of YOURspace’s versatile office pods. As organizations have re-opened and hybrid models of working and learning have been adopted, physical spaces are being reconfigured to accommodate individuals in a safely distanced manner. While some organizations have decided that certain functions can continue at-home, others are planning to have employees safely back in the office to take advantage of the culture-building and in-person creative collaboration that is difficult to replicate digitally. 

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In-Office or Warehouse Pods

Recognizing these developments, YOURspace has added a variety of larger footprint structures to its office pod line, creating meeting and conference rooms possible, as well as partitions to establish safety barriers in otherwise open-plan environments.

Based on the same modularity used in its original pods, all YOURspace solutions can be customized, expanded, reconfigured, and re-clad easily to accommodate just about any space imaginable. 

Innovative Office Pod Technology

YOURspace office pods have been developed with design and manufacturing partner Highmark TechSystems, a leading supplier of innovative modular systems for indoor and outdoor structures and architecture.

With 20+ years of experience creating structures that set-up, reconfigure, and dismantle quickly, Highmark has leveraged its proprietary systems technology into the YOURspace product line. The companies’ shared focus on offering maximum customization opportunities is a critical differentiator in the markets they serve.

YOURspace modular office solutions are an ideal use of Highmark’s proven extrusion-based systems technology. The same benefits of versatility, flexibility, customization, ease-of-use, and maintenance that Highmark’s exhibit and event customers enjoy are now available for the workplace, schools, homes, and other settings via YOURspace.

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Meet the Team

David Faust

David Faust

YOURspace Founder

Debbie Parrott

Debbie Parrott

YOURspace Partner

Brian Baker

Brian Baker

YOURspace Chief Creative Officer

Matt Andrews

Matt Andrews

Senior Vice President

Lilibeth Saavedra

Lilibeth Saavedra

Customer Service Manager

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