Portable Office Pods & Privacy Pods

For those who need private, versatile spaces for a variety of uses, YOURspace office pods are your portable and highly customizable solutions. Made right here in the USA!


Available in a Variety of Sizes

Our pods come in a variety of sizes to fit your space and can be expanded and contracted to meet your ever-changing needs.

We offer 8 standard base sizes with unlimited modularity to fit any environment – from a crowded living room to an expansive open-concept office.



Our pods are 100% customizable by size, add-ons, colors, and models.



Easy to set up and tear down. No other pod compares in flexibility.



Make your pod unique. Create the look of your pod to fit the style of your space.

Shop our Pre-Designed Pods

YourSpace Office Pod

“Everyone seems to be extremely happy with the pods. They do make the space seem inviting and not closed off at all. They also offer the privacy that the agents were looking for but not claustrophobic because of the amazing glass doors. At the end of the day everybody has been extremely happy. The only thing we wish is that we had more space for more pods!”

– Corey Marie Birger, Corcoran Reverie

Reclaim YOURspace today!

You deserve the privacy, comfort and productivity that a personal space can provide. Contact us today to get started on your way to YOURspace.


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