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The Best Portable Office Pod Solution

Whether working from home, in the office, or a combination of the two, there is a growing desire for modern workspaces that are flexible and accommodating. That is why YOURspace offers the portable office pod solution.

The workspace is changing, and the work environment is evolving drastically. According to the Conference Board survey, the number of people willing to go back to the physical work environment has decreased. A significant number of employees desire to keep working from home because of reasons concerning COVID-19, work productivity, mental health and more. Thankfully, we’ve seen more and more companies embrace the work-from-home movement. However, some companies still require their employees to come into the office or allow for a hybrid work arrangement.

How to Achieve Office Flexibility with the Best Portable Office Pod Solution

While working from home has a long list of advantages, it is imperative to have a flexible work plan at home to remain productive and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Working from home is undoubtedly a rewarding venture, but it assuredly comes with its challenges. Using an office pod is one way to help overcome those challenges, allowing you to have a dedicated space to focus on your work.

Beyond the home, office pods are ushering in the future of the workplace. For the companies that require their employees to work onsite, office pods can provide the flexibility and peace of mind that workers desire while increasing their productivity. The portable office pod solution that YOURspace offers promises mobility, customizability and versatility. They’re designed to suit a variety of unique needs, and we’ll tell you how beneficial they can truly be.

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Why You Need the Portable Office Pod Solution

The pandemic sparked the desire in many individuals to discard the traditional work atmosphere and create new, unique work environments. Here are some of the top benefits of using portable office pods in the workplace or at home:

Lower Stress and Anxiety in Workers

The open plan office is one of the most stressful workspaces. Most people enjoy working in peaceful environments with fewer distractions. It allows deeper concentration, and the production levels are high. An indoor office pod will provide the much-needed privacy and a convenient solution to offer peace to your employees. They are also soundproof to keep out unnecessary noise that could cause distraction.

Improve Employee Focus

Whether working from home or in the office, focusing is critical for optimal production and quality decision-making. A distraction-free environment is important to enhance employee focus. An average human being needs around 25 solid minutes to get back to focusing after an interruption.
Unfortunately, it can be very costly to offer all employees a private office. Also, most workspaces aren’t big enough to cater to numerous private offices. However, quiet office pods or larger meeting pods offer affordable, flexible and modular solutions.

They Are Future Proof

Companies grow bigger with time, and they expand by employing more workers who need optimal working spaces. Based on how the future of work is looking today, more companies need to embrace the idea of their employees working remotely or in hybrid arrangements. When employees are working in the office, a company’s office layout should accommodating to the workforce’s evolving needs.

Portable office pods are the solutions for onsite or at home workers who desire workspaces that just make sense. They’re easy to move whenever you want, and they are lifetime investments since you don’t leave them behind if you have to move locations. Portable office pods are the best choice for a growing company instead of having to spend tons of money remodeling an existing office, and they’re the best choice for at home workers that want to maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Features of Office Pods to Look For

Like any office tool, you need an office pod that will fit in your office or home effectively. Here are some features to look out for when shopping for an office pod.

Customizable aesthetic: check for a pod that is configurable to fit the spaces you have. Also, it should be flexible for up-size or up-down in the working environment.
Ergonomic and Comfortable: the goal is to be able to work comfortably anywhere. Get pod with adjustable desks, air conditioning, and ample airflow. Also, it should have proper lighting, preferably dimmable LED.
Sound-Dampening Pods: keep off noise as much as possible with the soundproof pods.
Eco-friendly: conserving the environment for sustainable development is a collective responsibility. Get products made with reusable materials and reduces waste.

And guess what? All of those features are standard in YOURspace office pods, so look no further for your portable office pod solution!

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