New Study Pods Enrich Indiana Tech

Aug 3, 2022 | News, Study/Educational Pods

A serendipitous meeting at a Habitat for Humanity event led to an important partnership for YOURspace. Leaders from both YOURspace and Highmark TechSystems struck up a conversation with the president of Indiana Tech. They described the evolution of the YOURspace modular pod room—from a pandemic workspace to a privacy installation.


Study Pods. Customizable and Versatile Solutions.

The university agreed to a lease program to put YOURspace study pods in the school library. The parameters were designed to ascertain the popularity and use of the pods by library patrons and the academic community. The initial two YOURspace rooms measured 10’ x 11’ and 10’ x 12’.

The pods were customized with design input from the library director as well as the facilities director. The two YOURspace room pods contained round desks that could seat 4-5 people and whiteboards. Glass walls on the front and back of the pods allowed natural light into the spaces.

Upon inspection by the fire marshal, YOURspace added a drop-down ceiling to bring the rooms up to code. This modification allowed YOURspace to move forward with additional rooms.

Based on the measured success of the program, Indiana Tech is adding two additional rooms for individual study. These new rooms will be 4’ x 4’ with half a window, a desk, a shelf, and outlets. In addition, the facilities director is assessing other places at the university where the pods can be used.

The YOURspace pods served their purpose, and they proved to be versatile. Not only did the students love the rooms for small group work, but the faculty began to use them for meetings, interviews, and planning sessions.

YOURspace study pods are favored by educational institutions because they are incredibly modular, versatile and customizable. They are able to transform any room into a modern, multipurpose space that provides privacy, encourages efficiency and nurtures innovation. Contact YOURspace to learn how you can customize YOUR pods today.


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