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Sensory Pods Offer Comfort To Those With Sensory Processing Disorder

Let’s be honest: we all have a few pet peeves, whether it be the sound of someone slurping loudly or chewing gum obnoxiously. But people who live with sensory processing disorder (SPD) experience such irritations more vividly.

Approximately 5%-16.5% of the general population have symptoms of SPD. While SPD hasn’t been classified as a mental disorder, it’s a well-known disorder that affects thousands of people.

In this post, we’ll look closely at what SPD is and how sensory pods can help people suffering from this condition.

What Is Sensory Processing Disorder

Sensory processing disorder (SPD) is a condition that affects how the brain processes sensory information, including touch, smell, taste, sight, and sound. When overwhelmed, people with this condition can succumb to sensory overload, which leads to them feeling anxious, extremely stressed, or experiencing physical pain.

Individuals with SPD may have different needs depending on whether their senses are under-sensitive or over-sensitive. For instance, suppose they have an oversensitive sense of sight; they may be sensitive to bright light. Similarly, suppose they have underdeveloped ears; they may be unable to hear sounds from one ear. People with SPD may show symptoms related to autism, such as migraines, since this disorder often occurs in people with autism.

That said, most people confuse SPD with sensory processing sensitivity (SPS). While SPD entails the brain having difficulty organizing and processing stimuli, SPS is a biological-based trait characterized by heightened awareness and sensitivity to the environment. People with this condition process information and stimuli more deeply and strongly than others. Among other characteristics, they have deeper cognitive processing and greater emotional reactivity.

How Sensory Pods Can Alleviate the Symptoms Felt By Those With Sensory Processing Disorder

Those suffering from SPD need sensory spaces that are easily accessible and make them feel safe and comfortable. Sensory pods fit this bill. Here are some ways sensory pods can help reduce the symptoms felt by people with SPD.

They Provide a Calming Effect

Negative reactions to various stimuli can cause distress to persons with SPD. When people with SPD get agitated, spending time in a sensory pod where they are alone can help them take control of their emotions. A sensory pod may contain an aromatherapy diffuser, a white noise machine, or other soothing items that can help them take back control of their emotions.

They Can Facilitate Socialization

While most people with SPD benefit from using a pod alone, pods can also make for great spaces for persons with SPD to learn to interact with others. This can be especially true for pods used within a school setting. In such scenarios, the idea is a stress-free, safe space where these individuals can explore together. They can learn to become more aware of their emotions and bodies and how to control themselves when around others.

They Can Help with Sensory Development

Pods make for safe spaces where people with SPD can explore their senses –and how their brain reacts to various experiences. By exposing them to their brain’s reactions to things such as smell, touch, sight, taste, and sound, they can learn ways of processing those experiences when they are outside the comfort of the pods.

They Can Help with Cognitive Development

While they may not be able to rewire the brain, pods can be instrumental in helping individuals with SPD learn how to process experiences and cope with various situations where their reactions may have otherwise been out of proportion. Pods can also be great places for them to learn the cause and effects of their actions and how those actions influence people around them.

Get Sensory Pods From YOURspace to Help Manage SPD

Are you looking for sensory pods for you or your loved one with a sensory disorder? YOURspace offers excellent sensory pods for incorporating in homes and schools. YOURspace pods not only meet unique individual needs but also respond to needs as they arise in a given environment.

To learn more about our sensory pods, contact us today.

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