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Office Pods: Office Work Will Never Be the Same

According to statistics, 74% of experts believe that the remote work setup is the new normal. 97% of employees, on the other hand, want a hybrid setup, while 61% want to work from home permanently. However, both physical office spaces and remote offices are equally crucial for businesses and economic success.
To ensure a balanced work-life in both setups, both employers and employees need to improvise the setting to improve productivity and satisfaction. Setting up office pods both at home and in the office is a game-changer, as discussed below.

It Is Economical on Real Estate

When many companies are downsizing, and others recommend working from home, the goal is to cut costs. Once the number of employees reporting to the office decreases, companies might move to smaller spaces.
For instance, Jamie Dimon, JP Morgan’s Chase & Co CEO, informed its shareholders in April 2021 that they needed to move to a smaller space. He went ahead to suggest that they move to an open space and incorporate digital tools to control seating arrangements.

All this might be a solution for the long term if managed correctly. Installing office pods in an open office space provides privacy and improves employee efficiency. Office pods are economical, unlike permanent rooms, because they come in different designs.
When a remote employee wants to engage another, they can schedule a meeting in the office and catch up. In addition, managers can comment on employee performance privately, even in an open office setup.

Employees Value Flexibility

Research shows that 30% of employees are ready to look for alternative employers if their current employer does not offer a hybrid schedule. Let’s break it down. Remote work setup especially provides young families some bonding time. Employees can invest their commuting time doing other chores and activities at home.
However, it can also be challenging for employees to find a work-life balance due to distractions from kids playing, the temptation to catch up on a series, or loads of chores awaiting them.
Therefore, as an employee, installing a home office pod will improve your focus and productivity enormously. Having a space that shields you from noise, provides a calm environment, and creates an official setup makes working remotely more flexible.

There Is an Enhanced Reliability

With office pods at home, remote employees become more organized. The pods allow the storage of official documents in one space. When an individual wants to refer to a particular document, they can quickly locate it. If there are work-related meetings, these employees can comfortably communicate and feel like a part of the company.

Also, an office set up at home allows for timed breaks like traditional offices. Employees will feel the need to take a walk away from their desks often. These breaks help them refocus and recharge, hence better results. Home office pods are affordable and favorable for all employees.

Improved Productivity

Happy employees are likely to perform better than their counterparts. An open office setup might not favor introverts, increasing their anxiety and stress levels. This group of employees will have a hard time achieving set goals, hence reduced productivity.

Installing office pods provides privacy for such employees, giving them ample time to handle responsibilities. When introverts are comfortable, they are very likely to outdo themselves, providing excellent results. The same goes for home offices. When you are comfortable in your space, then giving your best is not a problem.

Get an Office Pod

Whether you’re working from home or the office, an employer or employee, an office pod is your best friend. You can’t pass an economical deal, one that offers flexibility and improved productivity. Contact YOURspace today for a custom-made office pod.

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