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YOURspace Gaming Pods Help You Take Control

As technology becomes more of a focal point in our society, the popularity of and participation in esports (and gaming in general) has risen. To be successful, you need hours of uninterrupted, intentional focus. Distractions abound in our everyday lives, and more and more people in the gaming world are looking for ways to improve their performance and productivity. Enter gaming pods. These pods are designed to help gamers focus and achieve peak performance. But what are they, and how do they work?  

What are Gaming Pods?

YOURspace gaming pods can be made with a variety of features to create a gaming oasis. Gamers know how important concentration is. However, finding the ideal environment to enter that “zone” is not always easy. Even more, if you’re a serious gamer competing in esports, it’s probably difficult to strike a good work-life balance. With so many demands on our time, it’s easy to get stressed out and overwhelmed even with the luxury of being able to escape to another world when gaming. That’s where gaming pods come in and why an increasing number of individuals are turning to them as a method to remain productive for extended periods of time and separate competition from home life.

YOURspace’s gaming pods are essentially soundproofed private rooms that allow individuals to concentrate without distractions. They’re designed to create the ideal environment for undisturbed play and are temperature-controlled, so you can hunker down for long stretches of time. They’re large enough to be furnished with comfortable chairs, large monitors, and top-of-the-line gaming equipment.

Benefits of Gaming Pods

There are many benefits of using gaming pods, but here are some of the most notable ones:  

1. Pods Help You Focus

When playing a game in your living room, or even your own room, it can be difficult to stay focused with all the distractions around you. Someone may walk in front of the TV at just the wrong time. Your dog may jump in your lap, demanding they play too. Noisy yard work may throw you off while your in the middle of an intense battle. With a pod, those worries and more become non-existent. You can have your own private space where you can really dive into your game without being interrupted.

2. Pods Increase Productivity

Since pods offer a distraction-free environment, getting into a flow and being productive is easier. In a pod, you’d be surprised how easy it is to get a groove because you’re in a space dedicated to one purpose. Ultimately, pods increase your enjoyment of gaming by creating the perfect environment for it. Some may be thinking that a game room setup would be more ideal, but not every space can accommodate an entire room dedicated to gaming. YOURspace gaming pods offer a much more practical solution when you want a private space to increase your performance.

3. Pods Maintain Your Privacy

Let’s face it. Gaming comes with its frustrations. An untimely loss or death can cause passionate outbursts…to put it gently. When you’re stressed out during an intense game, you can often disrupt others around you. Gaming pods provide a private space where you can reRent (up to 90 days) your rage in peace if you must. However, we want to be clear that we don’t encourage fits of fury. At YOURspace, we can also fit your gaming pod with features that can help keep the rage monster at bay even when things aren’t going your way. Your pod can be customized with special lighting to encourage calmness and climate control to create the perfect environment that makes you feel relaxed while you game.

4. Pods Can Help You Make Connections

Because we have pods are large enough to fit more than one person, you can use them to play with other gamers. Larger pods are perfect if you play on a team and want to develop a better bond with your teammates. We know the gaming world is a virtual one, but being able to play side-by-side with a fellow gamer can result in some great connections and friendships!

Wrapping it Up

While our pods are perfect for gamers, they don’t have to be just for them. They’re also great for anyone who needs to focus without distractions. A pod might be right for you if you’re looking for a more productive way to work.  Pods can help you concentrate, stay comfortable, and enjoy the work you’re doing.

YOURspace is the perfect solution for any business looking for office pods or meeting pods for their open floor layout. We offer a trusted, professional, and responsive service that you can count on.

Our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience, and we would be honored to help you or your business explore a new way to be productive with our innovative privacy pods. Contact us today and we will work with you to find the perfect pod solution for your needs. Thank you for considering YOURspace as your go-to source for all your office and gaming pod needs!

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David Faust

David Faust

YOURspace Founder & Owner

David started his career in operations in various roles and industries, earning his Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma along the way. 

He has over fifteen years of experience as a consultant helping several businesses of different sizes, industries, and functions improve efficiency, quality, and delivery.  David was also general manager of Pretzels, Inc., a multi-million dollar snack food manufacturer. He helped lead the organization to record revenues and profits while maximizing the value of the business for a recent sale by ownership. 

David currently manages a portfolio of manufacturing, distribution and retail companies through Ro12 Enterprises, a private capital group he started in 2015. He has also been involved in several startups, personally founding three of them.  

David is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.  He and his wife live in Fort Wayne, IN, with their four children.