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WFH Office Pod

Today’s growing work-from-home environment requires new solutions to enhance productivity. Now there is one space in YOUR home for YOUR work: YOURspace.

YOURspace builds tailored, innovative work-from-home office pods that provide privacy and productivity in an attractive aesthetic. YOURspace pods are self-contained office spaces for the home that feature sound dampening, ergonomic design, task and ambient LED lighting, electraSMART wall frame containing all electric and networking connections, ventilation, privacy options, home-friendly finishes and more. Built and designed in the USA, YOURspace Pods are easy to set up and are available today in personalized configurations.

YOURspace office pods. YOUR work area. YOUR way.

YOURpod: All modular system

3’x3.6′ wall frames   |   3’x3.6′ connectSMART wall frame   |    1.5’x3.6′ wall frames
3’x7.2′ door frames   |    7.3′ corner connectors   |    4.5’x3′ ceiling panels
3′ or 6′ desktops   |   3′ or 6′ shelves

YOURway: Create your own size and select finishes

YOURspace pods are designed by you. Personalize your space with nearly unlimited combinations of build options from the size of the modular office pod – small, medium, large (or anything in between) – to colors of the walls and to panels that are paintable or pre-finished in barnwood, Formica or even your company’s graphics! Then add accessory options like height adjustable desks, shelving, lights, and more to make it truly YOURs.

colors and patterns


Lightweight aluminum construction with sound dampening interiors | connectSMART wall frame includes all wiring: power inlet, power outlets, exhaust fan, and ethernet ports | Simple common bolt connections (all hardware included)


Lightweight pvc/foam construction | White dimmable LED light | Aluminum ceiling support tracks | Simple connection to SMART wall frame


Lightweight aluminum construction with anodized aluminum hinge/stop | Consists of door frame, hinge system, and door header | Multiple standard finishes for exteriors outside and inside | Brushed aluminum lockable handle | Simple common bolt connections (all hardware included)

desktops & shelving

Sleek and rigid white laminate floating desktop with under surface brackets | White laminate floating shelf mounted above desktop

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