theHUB: Customizable Office Pod

Sound-Dampening Privacy Booth

Tailored, innovative home, study and office pods that provide privacy and productivity in an attractive aesthetic.

  • Built and designed in the USA
  • Easy-to-setup
  • 100% configurable – choose everything from the size and color of the office pod to the choice of adjustable desk and lighting

YOURspace office pods. YOUR work area. YOUR way.

Available in a Variety of Sizes 

Small, Medium, Large or Anything in Between

We offer 8 standard base sizes with unlimited modularity to fit any environment – from a crowded living room to an expansive open-concept office.

YOURspace Office Pod 1
Design swatches

Customize Every Detail

YOURspace, YOURway

Personalize your space with nearly unlimited combinations of build options. theHUB pods are designed by you.

Choose your finish on the door, walls, and ceiling.


  • Dry Erase Board option for greater productivity!
  • Add windows to let in natural light and enhance customization!

Then add accessory options like height-adjustable desks, shelving, lights, and more to make it truly YOURs.

  • 8 unique base sizes, but fully modular if a specific size is required
  • 5 different metal colors available
  • 16 different wall/door finishes available
  • 8 different desktop/shelf finishes available


Units are larger in size and features when compared to equally priced competitive units.

Easy DIY Setup

Lightweight aluminum with a simple 3-tool setup requiring 2 people – all hardware included. 

Sound Dampening

Wall/door technology offering up to 4 layers of material to stop unwanted noise.


Units have the largest and strongest, fully adjustable desk/shelf space. Fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.

Office Pod Features

ceiling options


  • Lightweight PVC/foam construction
  • White dimmable LED light
  • Aluminum ceiling support tracks
  • Simple connection to SMART wall frame
Wall materials


  • Lightweight aluminum construction
  • Sound dampening interiors
  • connectSMART wall frame includes all wiring: power inlet, power outlets, exhaust fan, and ethernet ports
  • Simple common bolt connections (all hardware included)
TheHUB door features


  • Lightweight aluminum construction with anodized aluminum hinge/stop
  • Consists of door frame, hinge system, and door header
  • Multiple standard finishes for exteriors outside and inside
  • Brushed aluminum lockable handle
  • Simple common bolt connections (all hardware included)
Shelving and desk

Desk and Shelving

  • Sleek and rigid white laminate floating desktop with under-surface brackets
  • White laminate floating shelf mounted above desktop
floorless design

Floorless Design

  • Because YOURspace products are based on our high quality and strong extrusion system, they don’t need floors for structural support like you see on other pods

  • You can place over existing vents for cooling and heating

  • Our floorless system, coupled with the exhaust fan, helps provide ample airflow through the pod for maximum comfort


Height-Adjustable Desk

Working at a desk does not have to mean you should have to sit all day.

Include an adjustable desk in your office pod that raises and lowers with the simple touch of a button.

Get theHUB Office Pod Today!

Today’s growing work-from-home environment requires new solutions to enhance productivity.

Now there is one space in YOUR home for YOUR work: YOURspace.


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