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A gamer setup is critical because gamers flourish on intense concentration. That's where YOURspace excels.

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YOURspace pods provide an oasis for gamers

Gaming enthusiasts are at the forefront of discovering breakthrough ways of learning and entertainment. Both serious and recreational gamers are constantly searching for a new and better gaming room. A gamer setup is critical because gamers flourish on intense concentration. They are also aware that others in their environments might not appreciate the audio stimulation that accompanies gaming.

A cornerstone of YOURspace pods has been to offer customers maximum customization opportunities. For a long time, gamers have been looking for the optimum creative and practical space that meets their needs. As a result, YOURspace gaming pods can adapt to various gaming situations for single or multiple players.

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YOURspace gaming privacy pods. YOUR gaming area. YOUR way.

Why Gaming Pods?

A game room setup is ideal, but not every space can accommodate one. That’s where YOURspace pods offer a solution. Think of these pods as DIY gaming booths. Committed computer-based gamers play on PC game setups, which require more space than, say, a tablet or a video console. Because playing with other gamers is part of the attraction of gaming, these gaming pods can provide not only privacy but can be enabled for WIFI. In addition, these pods are also sound-proofed, so gamers can turn on all the bells and whistles that make the gaming experience satisfying.

On the other hand, when you turn one of these pods into your gaming room, it can also accommodate more than one player. The choice is yours! YOURspace pods function like a private gaming booth for the home-based gamer or for developers working in an office environment. Wired to your specifications, YOURspace gaming rooms can feature a large screen to enhance the gaming experience.

Now there is one space for YOUR gaming: YOURspace.


Units are larger in size and features when compared to equally priced competitive units.

Easy Setup

Lightweight aluminum walls are easy to set-up and collapse day-to-day.

Sound Dampening

Wall/door technology offering up to 4 layers of material to stop unwanted noise


Units have the largest and strongest, fully adjustable desk/shelf space. Fully ADA compliant with easy entry and exit.

“There is so much flexibility needed in YOURspace pod configurations in the gaming world where players have their own ideas about what they want. Additionally, the pod that is used for a gaming room can also be used as a private room for homework or a home office. This flexibility makes YOURspace pods the perfect solution for homes and offices that don’t want to take on construction projects but have definite thoughts about what will meet their criteria for gaming and other uses.”
David Faust
YOURspace CEO and Founder

Customize Every Detail

YOURspace, YOURway.

Looking for a quick Gaming Privacy Pod option?

YOURspace Quick Ship Pods can be delivered in just 2-4 weeks!
David Faust

David Faust

YOURspace Founder & Owner

David started his career in operations in various roles and industries, earning his Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma along the way. 

He has over fifteen years of experience as a consultant helping several businesses of different sizes, industries, and functions improve efficiency, quality, and delivery.  David was also general manager of Pretzels, Inc., a multi-million dollar snack food manufacturer. He helped lead the organization to record revenues and profits while maximizing the value of the business for a recent sale by ownership. 

David currently manages a portfolio of manufacturing, distribution and retail companies through Ro12 Enterprises, a private capital group he started in 2015. He has also been involved in several startups, personally founding three of them.  

David is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.  He and his wife live in Fort Wayne, IN, with their four children.