DaVinci Schools Adopt YOURspace Pods

Apr 22, 2022 | Flexible Workspace, News, Study/Educational Pods

YOURspace modular pods were born as an offshoot of Highmark, a company that specializes in experiential events. So, it’s little wonder that YOURspace finds traction in experiences of all types—including education.

person at desk in YOURspace pod

The experiential industry is proof that people of all ages learn better when there is a hands-on component to the educational process. And that is a principle embodied at the DaVinci schools in El Segundo, CA. In a unique district-charter partnership, the DaVinci schools are an option for students in the Wiseburn Unified School District. The K-12 program encourages enrichment and is grounded in a STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) curriculum

The DaVinci schools in El Segundo offer an opportunity to be exposed to a different type of learning environment. The schools have adopted the First Inspires curriculum with a special emphasis on robotics. The students pursue their robotics studies in “sandboxes” in an open space area.

But in reviewing the success and growth of the program, the school district saw a need for enclosed spaces in addition to the sandboxes, rooms where students could meet, develop their findings, and compare results. The solution? YOURspace pods.

person outside of YOURspace pods

Going into a YOURspace pod allows the students to build holistic skills with their classmates. Six YOURspace pods were purchased. Five of the YOURspace pods are designated for group work and meetings with teachers, counselors, and mentors. A larger pod is a meeting room for groups.

The YOURspace pods are integrated into the open area for maximum accessibility when the need arises. The ability for students to take a break from the sandbox will lead to increased productivity and the opportunity to study what they are discovering. In addition, the pods are ideal for smaller workgroups to get together.

According to David Faust, YOURspace Founder & Owner, “We launched YOURspace during the pandemic as a pop-up work-from-home pod for the residential market. However, the demand and uses for our pods have developed in ways we could never have imagined. The use of YOURspace pods at the DaVinci schools is an example of our pods’ versatility.”


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