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The Office Pod for Your Personal Space

Many corporations today are trying to promote collaboration and creativity but still provide areas for privacy and focus. Office pods help create a work setting that supports collaboration, private moments, and peace to those who want to focus on tasks in a quiet place.

Corporations and their employees are also increasingly recognizing the negative impact of open office spaces on mental health and productivity. But building a private office for each employee is both impractical and cost-inefficient. As a result, adding office pods is emerging as the best way out to upgrade workspaces.

Office pods create a more flexible work environment that fulfills an extensive range of employee’s needs. They provide a solitary work environment and cut out distractions, thus allowing employees to focus on their tasks.

But how do you install office pods to ensure your team can maximize the benefits of these structures? Your priorities and the layout of your existing space are some of the factors you need to take into account before the installation.

Factors to Consider when Installing Office Pods

Below are the factors to consider when adding pods to your space.

Office Pod Location

If you are to install an office coffee machine, you are likely to choose a well-trafficked area in the office, so it is easy for everyone to access. This is also true for office pods, especially the shared pods. You need to place them in a central location that is convenient for employees to see when they are not occupied and slide in to use them.

Your team does not have to do laps in the building looking for a quick place to pick a private call. Besides, having the pods in a strategic central location allows an employee to slip in quickly without moving far away from the team.

Fortunately, your existing space is not a limiting factor and won’t hinder you from installing pods. Even if you have a squeezed office area, YOURspace has many standard sizes of office pods to fit your space.

User Needs

Office pods are available in different sizes. Some fit a standing worker, especially those meant for phone calls only, others allow one employee, and some can fit more than one employee.

Therefore, the pod you choose depends on its purpose. You can provide a wide range of pods in different sizes to accommodate various user needs. A phone booth allows private conversations, but a larger pod offers everyone in the group a comfortable sitting space to team up without interruption.

Personal Space Pods for the Office

YOURspace offers an ADA-compliant, innovative, modular pod design that comes in varying sizes from group collaboration to individual use. Besides, you can easily re-skin or relocate the structures for extreme versatility.

Adding Personality

The Office Pod for Your Personal Space 1

Distractions are inevitable in an open workspace, and an office pod is excellent in allowing employees to take a breather. Adding some personality to your pod is a smart way to enhance your workplace. Consider the work mode you want the office pod to support. Will it be a focus, group work, or rejuvenation pod?

You can select one of the surface materials available such as customizable films, acoustic panels, wood grain or laminate finishes, and markerboards for added privacy. It is a great way to blend the pod with your office decor or make it appear unique. YOURspace offers fully customizable office pods that allow you to personalize to your taste.

Have YOURspace YOURway!

If you are part of the ongoing workplace revolution, you may be searching for new tools to boost productivity. YOURspace offers efficient, ergonomic, productive, and 100% customizable office pods and collapsible pods for your corporate and home facility. Contact us today and learn how our personal space pods can help solve your home office problems.

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David Faust

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