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10 Ways an Office Pod Will Upgrade Your Workspace

Working in an open workspace has unique challenges, especially due to distractions from coworkers. The noise, movements, and other activities can affect your productivity as they draw your attention and divert your focus. This is also true for those working from home.

As a result, office pods are emerging as a modern solution to today’s workspace problems. Companies and employees continue to recognize the many benefits that these self-contained spaces offer. They provide a private working environment free from distractions and noises.

10 Ways to Upgrade Your Workspace with Office Pods

Let’s explore some of the ways an office pod can upgrade your workspace.

Reduced Stress and Anxiety

Not everyone can work best in an open office plan. Some employees, especially introverts, prefer a solitary work environment and find it daunting to concentrate in an open office. In fact, they feel anxious and stressed in such an environment. An office pod offers a convenient retreat that allows an individual to work in privacy and peace.

Reduced number of Employee Sick Days

Constant stress takes a toll on an employee’s physical and mental health. Research indicates that employees in open workspaces take up to 62% more sick days. Since office pods are completely enclosed, employees have full control over the workspace, which helps improve their morale, health and reduce stress levels.

Maintain a Professional Image during Calls

quiet office pods

Picture this; you’re on an important sales call, but the client cannot hear you due to some noise in the background. Now, if this happens during your next call and the one after that, nothing can be more annoying and frustrating at the same time. A quiet area is essential for maintaining a professional image when making phone calls, and an office pod gives you just that- a private and quiet space for calls.

Reduced Turnover Rate

If employees find a workspace too distracting, they won’t hesitate to seek employment with other organizations that give a more supportive work environment. If you already have a positive work culture and a competitive salary, you may want to change the face of your office space. Add an office pod to provide employees with quiet spaces that high performers can reach their full potential and help your company achieve its goals.

Attractive to Millennials

Catch the Wave of the Future With A YOURspace Office Pod 1

Millennials make up a third of all workers in the United States. This generation has a different motivation than the previous ones and scrutinizes benefits before accepting a job offer. Modern workspaces such as those fitted with office pods are attractive to Millennials who prioritize a work-life balance and comfortable workspaces.

Add Privacy to Private Conversations

Modular Office Solution

When a manager wants to discuss employee performance, it is inappropriate to do so within an audible range of the team. An office pod provides a secluded environment convenient for private conversations with employees while still in their workspace.

Flexible Workspaces

Your company is growing and changing, and the office layout needs to adapt to meet your workforce needs. Office pods are portable, meaning you can move them around and position them in different layouts. Therefore, it is a smart investment for your workspace instead of remodeling the existing room or office.

Full Control over your Workspace

Office pods allow you to optimize the workspace to your comfort. For example, the temperatures could be too high for you, but a colleague wants to enjoy the blistering hot air of a summer day. Office pods provide a private space and give you the freedom to control the climate to your desired taste.

Burn more Calories

It is unhealthy to sit at a desk for a whole day since it slows metabolism and even shortens lifespan. On the other hand, standing up has many health benefits, including burning more calories, boosting productivity, and more. Office pods can offer a combination of standing and sitting desks, allowing employees to switch between them during their workday.

Allow formation of Office Neighborhoods

An office neighborhood is a flexible and modern approach to office design that allows employees to move around with their workstations. Office pods offer the flexibility to create an office neighborhood and allow employees to collaborate with their colleagues depending on their projects and tasks.

Upgrade Your Workspace Today!

Adding an office pod in your workspace comes with many benefits and alleviates numerous problems associated with open work environments. At YOURspace, we have fully customizable office pods suitable for any environment. If you are interested, contact us today, and our team will install Modular Office pods in your office space.

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