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Create More Space for Your New Employees Using Office Pods

Create More Space for Your New Employees Using Office Pods

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has spurred many employers to think about office layouts carefully. Working from home became the new normal quickly, with most workers preferring it. However, most businesses are getting on their feet, and new employees are increasingly high. Office pods are now necessary for every employer whose wish is to create a conducive working environment for the workers.

Take Advantage of Office Pods

For hundreds of years, employees got used to working in open-space offices. While they have many benefits, open spaces come with even more disadvantages. Although the new workers can easily communicate, learn from others, and share ideas, here are some of the things they put up with:

Noisy Workplaces

Research shows that new employees find it more challenging to fit in when working in an open office space. The distractions of work conversations and noise from office machinery can make it difficult for new employees to concentrate if they are not used to that environment. Other workmates may also listen to loud music, watch videos, and engage in loud and personal conversations.

Visual Distractions

It may take some time for new employees to be fully productive in an open office because they may need to adjust to the usual visual interruptions throughout the typical workday. Unsettled employees who keep going out, visitors coming to the office, workers with their feet on the desks, and others eating during office hours are but a few reasons why newbies may be distracted.

Health Issues

Office pods create more space for employees and help in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic. A spacious environment can also help to prevent the spread of flu. Viruses that spread through coughing and sneezing cannot be easily spread when there are office pods. A spacious working environment is a safe environment for both new and existing workers.

Lack of Privacy

Most new employees prefer a spacious or completely secluded environment where they can work without dozens of individuals observing them. Working in a new company makes most people nervous, and that may quickly become stressful if doubled up with intimidating observations. One may find it uncomfortable to make calls to the doctor’s office or spouse.

How office Pods Can Help New Employees to be Productive

Quieter Working Zones

Office pods are handy, and every user, especially introverts, enjoys flexibility, peace, and quiet. They create a relaxed environment for office newbies to work excellently. Different pods are assigned various tasks in companies, and they make it easy for managerial staff to observe those working on the same thing. They are ideal for private phone calls with clients, meetings with consultants, and high-concentration jobs.


Office pods are the perfect solution for any company that wishes to handle some matters discreetly. For new employees, pods can be a haven because they will not deal with the noise and public scrutiny from other employees. Private pods can also reduce stress, social anxiety, and nervousness, helping the new worker cope with the environment and eventually boost productivity.

Health is Wealth

No employer wants to deal with a case of several workers taking days off to recuperate from an illness. Office pods are an excellent way to curb the spread of germs and viruses, especially as more people return to the office and new employees join the workforce. The handy pods can help keep employees safe from diseases and therefore improve their productivity.

Make Your New Employees Comfortable

If you want to create a comfortable working environment for your new team members at a pocket-friendly cost, office pods are your best option. At YOURspace, we create desirable and customized office pods perfect for every environment. Contact us today to equip your office space with trendy pods, and visit our blog to learn more about us.

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