Uses & Applications

YOURspace pods provide the ultimate freedom of choice. You choose how and where to use your pod and, of course, how you’d like it to look and function.


gaming pod customizations


The Ultimate Gaming Experience   –  Fully immerse yourself in a tricked out gaming pod complete with surround sound, high def flat screens and LED lights. Our sound-dampening walls, spacious interior and fully customizable options provide the perfect setup for serious or recreational gamers.

sensory pod


Solutions for Diverse Needs & Wellness   – Specifically designed with top-of-the-line sensory equipment to help children and adults relax, engage, or develop within the space of a private pod. With the flexibility of different sizes, features and equipment, these pods can be built to suit the different abilities and needs of our customers. Plus they are one of the few pods on the market that are ADA Compliant.


Quiet Rooms for Individual or Small Group Learning   – Configured for the home, school or higher education, our pods provide ideal study rooms for use by students, teachers and small groups. Pods are equipped with dimmable LED lighting, outlets for charging devices, and insulated walls to dampen the noise outside so you can concentrate inside. Choose whiteboard panels, scale to a larger size and add a flat screen for a highly productive small group work space.

airport workspaces


Refuge From the Hustle and Bustle   – Be as productive as possible during a layover by making an important call, conducting or joining a video conference or taking advantage of the quiet and privacy to write, think and reflect. These privacy pods allow for all of these by offering a private, quiet, productive space amidst airport activity. Equipped with desks, charging stations and sound dampening walls, these pods are ADA accessible and ergonomically comfortable.

quiet spaces to work


Your Work Area, Your Way, YOURSpace  – Coming in a wide variety of sizes, YOURSpace office pods will fit perfectly into any space you desire. Their clean, modern design matches them to a vast number of home or office aesthetics, preventing them from ever looking out-of-place.

airport workspaces


Upgrade Your Workspace   – Office pods are emerging as a modern solution to today’s workspace problems. The noise, movements, and other activities can affect your productivity as they draw your attention and divert your focus. Companies and employees continue to recognize the many benefits that these self-contained spaces offer. They provide a private working environment free from distractions and noises.

Modular Office


Upgrade Your Workspace   – YOURspace pods provide a quiet, productive environment in any industrial setting. YOURspace pods are the perfect solution for your manufacturing or distribution business. Large office structures for the plant floor are expensive, boring and inflexible.

Picturing yourself in YOURspace?

You deserve the privacy, comfort and productivity that a personal space can provide. Contact us today to get started.


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