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YOURspace Installs Work Pods in the Fort Wayne Airport

Airport Work Pods Provide an Oasis

While traveling is exciting, it can also be stressful dealing with the chaos of airport security and making your flight on time. 

Now, add in the stress of joining a conference call during your 2-hour layover, and you have a recipe for mental overload.

YOURspace is here to provide a quiet oasis for travelers in the Fort Wayne airport.

YOURspace Installs Work Pods in the Fort Wayne Airport 1
YOURspace Installs Work Pods in the Fort Wayne Airport 2

Free, Public Office Pods

In April 2021, the Fort Wayne Airport and YOURspace partnered to install 2 theHUB office pods for a safe, clean, comfortable space ergonomically designed for today’s workforce.

These work pods are free and open to the public.

These 2 new work pods provide secluded workspaces available to take a private call or web meeting, power up your electronic devices, or simply focus on your work.

Take Advantage of Your Layover

Maximize your Fort Wayne layover by using the YOURspace pods for your secluded oasis.

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David Faust

David Faust

YOURspace Founder & Owner

David started his career in operations in various roles and industries, earning his Master Black Belt in Lean/Six Sigma along the way. 

He has over fifteen years of experience as a consultant helping several businesses of different sizes, industries, and functions improve efficiency, quality, and delivery.  David was also general manager of Pretzels, Inc., a multi-million dollar snack food manufacturer. He helped lead the organization to record revenues and profits while maximizing the value of the business for a recent sale by ownership. 

David currently manages a portfolio of manufacturing, distribution and retail companies through Ro12 Enterprises, a private capital group he started in 2015. He has also been involved in several startups, personally founding three of them.  

David is a graduate of Purdue University with a Bachelors Degree in Business Management.  He and his wife live in Fort Wayne, IN, with their four children.