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3 Major Workplace Trends in 2022

For over 18 months now, the workplace has continued to evolve. From on-site reporting to remote setups, and now with the world opening again, many organizations embrace a hybrid system. Employers and employees continue to adapt and grow as the economy recovers.

However, we cannot deny that the pandemic caused an economic stir. Therefore, it’s only wise to implement measures to help cope and re-establish. In line with that, we will discuss some of the three major workplace trends expected for 2022 that you should prepare to experience.

1. The Hybrid System Is Here to Stay

According to a McKinsey survey, 50% of employees prefer a hybrid system. Another 30% are ready to resign from their employers if they don’t offer a flexible working environment. That shows that organizations with knowledge-based workers need to consider implementing this system to reduce turnover.

However, it might be difficult for some organizations to adopt a hybrid system. That’s because of the sensitivity of the tasks at hand, for instance, healthcare workers.

On the other hand, it looks like there will be a reduction of office space for flexible organizations. Now that not all people report physically, the company can save up on rent or Rent (up to 90 days) a smaller space.

In 2022, changes like having a hot desk, co-working space, or serviced meeting pods will not be new. It’s economical and in line with the changes in the workplace today. Workers reporting to the office might have to manage the little space they’ll have at their disposal for the good of the whole organization.

Employees will also have to upgrade their home offices to improve reliability, efficiency, and productivity. That’s why features like home and office pods will come in handy. For the open space setup in the office, employers could invest in private, customizable office pods. As for remote employees, they could order their sets of home office pods to make them feel at home when they work.

2. Adopting Advanced Technology

Technology keeps growing, and we cannot exhaust how much the pandemic pushed the limits in tech. Many depended on technology when employees could no longer report to their physical workstations.

For instance, many schools today conduct online lessons for the safety of their population. Lawyers and the court system also had to move their activities online for a while. These incidents show the need for an advanced system to conquer such challenges in the future.

AI is one such system that continues to grow significantly today, intending to improve service delivery. For instance, marketers today can depend on algorithms to give predictions on their customer’s shopping behaviors. That, in turn, helps set up marketing campaigns to tap potential customers and give them exactly what they need.

Also, systems like the sensory pods come in handy to help special-needs children and adults in hospitals, schools, and workplaces. All this to improve productivity.

3. Investing in Employee Wellbeing

Today, 68% of employers prioritize their employee’s well-being and mental health. They understand that a healthy workforce is more productive, reliable, and efficient, especially after the workforce’s pandemic health issues. Employers are more aware of the need for a better system. A system that values its employee’s well-being because these valuable assets contribute greatly to economic success.

In 2022, we can expect more companies to join in and implement measures such as counseling and better healthcare cover. We can look forward to more organizations opening safe spaces to address employees’ mental health.

For instance, having private pods where employees can escape the open space set up, to relax and reset will go a long way. It will also be a great move as it builds confidence in the workers knowing that the system values them.

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David Faust

David Faust

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