Try This New DIY Room-Building Kit for Pop-Up Privacy

Jan 25, 2021 | News

Series of Quick-Setting Modular, Customizable Pods Offer Game-Changing Space for Optimal Work In-office and at Home

YOURspace delivers a portable pod of peace and quiet for any room of your home.

With so many of us Zooming through our days amidst a maelstrom of family, pets, deliveries, laundry, and other distractions, finding a quiet corner can prove nearly impossible. That was certainly the case for local entrepreneur David Faust, who recently created a solution that’s just a flat-packed box away.

“With four kids under the age of 14 schooling from home and an otherwise busy household, finding privacy to get things done was a challenge,” Faust says.

“I found myself longing for a little room I could call my own, and that sparked the creation of YOURspace,” a portable office space that you can pop up anywhere—from kitchen to living room to garage.


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