News Release | Enhancing Airport Experience with Privacy Pods

Jul 26, 2021 | Office Pods, Press Release

Business and leisure travel is returning in full force, but the pandemic has created an awareness of the need for both privacy and safety. To meet that need, YOURspace is expanding its markets from simply providing modular private office spaces to enhancing the airport experience for business and leisure travelers alike. To connect with this new market, YOURspace recently exhibited at the annual meeting of the American Association of Airline Executives (AAAE).

Airports constantly prove their resilience, reinventing themselves against shifts in regulations, technology, air traffic, and health/safety mandates. “Airports are committed to coming out of the pandemic with enhanced facilities, processes, and technology to better serve the traveling public and restore passenger confidence,” according to AAAE President & CEO Todd Hauptli in an AAAE ACT Program press release issued on June 15, 2021.

YOURspace privacy pods offer ADA-compliant solutions for

    • Conference rooms, meeting spaces, and administrative offices not dependent on traditional building construction restraints.
    • Retail and other services designed to be temporary and re-configurable such as pop-up stores or short-term services.
    • VIP clubs for executive travelers in search of in-club privacy for phone or video conferencing.
    • Executive terminals offering a high-end feel where space is at a premium.

YOURspace Chief Creative Officer Brian Baker stated, “As we move forward, it will be incredibly important for airports and airlines to anticipate and respond to the constantly changing needs of air travelers. Not only will travelers be looking for safer environments, but they are also always looking for ways to be more productive as they travel. YOURspace pods deliver on both needs, in addition to being versatile, and easy to move or change as future needs arise.”

A cornerstone of YOURspace has been to offer customers maximum customization opportunities in whatever market they represent or end-user they serve. We are so pleased that airports are looking creatively and practically at their space and seeing how YOURspace pods can adapt to a variety of uses in the airport setting – from singular or group phone/work/meeting spaces to sensory and wellness rooms to pop-up retail. In this one market alone, there are numerous uses,” said David Faust, YOURspace CEO & Founder.  “Additionally, the pod that is used as a retail kiosk today can easily be re-purposed to an airport administrative office tomorrow. This flexibility arms airports with a welcome alternative to bricks and mortar construction within their facilities.”

YOURspace, a provider of modular office pod solutions for work and wellness spaces in a variety of settings, is based in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Backed by proven systems technology via design and manufacturing partner, Highmark TechSystems, YOURspace products are manufactured entirely in the US and are available online at or by calling 260.702.9595.



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