Focus Rooms Are the Future of the Workplace

Jun 2, 2022 | News, Office Pods

The workplace is changing and will continue to change as the current workforce continues to adjust to the effects of the pandemic and as a new generation of workers begin to infiltrate the workforce, like the Generation Z population who as of 2020 represented 20.35% of the U.S. population.

At YOURspace, we recognize the change. We aspire to become a leader in workplace flexibility and comfort by offering focus room pods that suit the desires of the evolving workforce.

What Do Workers Want?

In their Winter 2021 U.S. Workplace Survey, Gensler reported that 32% of workers described their current work environment as “mostly shared”, “mostly private”, or “totally private”. How did they describe their ideal work environment? According to the same survey, 52% of workers described their ideal work environment as “mostly shared”, “mostly private”, or “totally private”, with “mostly shared” being least preferred at 8%. It’s evident that remote and hybrid work is here to stay.

With Gen Z just beginning to enter the workforce, those percentages have the potential to increase due to their desire for work environments that are supportive of mental and personal well-being and work flexibility.

Reshaping the Workplace with YOURspace Focus Rooms 

YOURspace aims to help employees and employers prepare for the future of work by offering focus rooms that make working from home or at the workplace more comfortable, safe and versatile. Our focus rooms will play a pivotal role in the changing work environment.

YOURspace focus rooms allow for flexibility in open office environments by giving employees a quiet, private space for interviews, training, calls or individual work. Our pods are also highly customizable and can be configured to be larger conference rooms with multiple height-adjustable desks and dry-erase boards for presentations.

What’s special about focus rooms is that they can be more than just workspaces. Work culture is evolving, and with more workers becoming aware of the importance of mental health, focus rooms provide a space where employees can have a peaceful lunch, meditate and take a break from the stress of the workday.

The Future is YOURspace

Before the pandemic and before the influx of Gen Zers into the workforce, the need for restructuring the design of workplaces was becoming evident. Now, it’s clear to see that many companies and individuals are rethinking how and where work should be done. Safety, comfortability and flexibility are now top priorities for workers, and we believe they will continue to be for quite some time.

YOURspace is committed to help usher in the future of the workplace with multi-purpose focus room pods that accommodate the desires of our evolving workforce. For more information on our pods and to request a quote, visit our website today.


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