Business Travelers are Back! What’s Next?

Mar 22, 2022 | Airport Pods

Now it’s time to enhance facilities and processes to restore passenger confidence!

Business travelers are back! After almost two years of being “grounded,” they are returning to airports but with different needs and expectations than they had two years ago. Accustomed to the efficiency, safety, and privacy that was part of working from home, they want a similar experience in their downtime at airports. And now you can deliver!

The solution? YOURspace privacy pods! YOURspace privacy pods offer solutions for:

  • Conference rooms, meeting spaces, and administrative offices independent of building construction restraints.
  • Temporary structures for retail and other services such as pop-up stores or short-term offerings
  • VIP clubs for travelers who need privacy for phone calls or video conferencing
  • High-end feel for executive terminals where space is at a premium.

According to American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) President and CEO Todd Hauptli, “Airports are committed to coming out of the pandemic with enhanced facilities, processes, and technology to better serve the traveling public and restore passenger confidence,”

YOURspace pods offer maximum customization and adaptation in the airport setting – from singular or group phone/work/meeting spaces to sensory and wellness rooms to pop-up retail. Because of its easy set-up and modular construction, today’s pod used as a retail kiosk can be re-purposed as an administrative office tomorrow. This flexibility arms airports with a welcome alternative to bricks and mortar construction within their facilities. Finally, 100% made in Fort Wayne, IN, there are no supply chain issues with YOURspace.


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